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 ===== PCB enclosures ===== ===== PCB enclosures =====
-==== V1 ====+==== V1 [obsolete: Rev B boards won't fit this enclosure!] ====
 +This version is designed to simply protect the PCB, but has some issues as it has very thin (0.5mm) walls making it difficult for some 3D printers.
 +{{mantis:ide_simulator:case:v1_front.png?200}} {{mantis:ide_simulator:case:v1_back.png?200}}
 +{{mantis:ide_simulator:case:v1_front_print.jpg?200}} {{mantis:ide_simulator:case:v1_back_print.jpg?200}}
 +STL files: {{mantis:ide_simulator:case:v1_top.stl|Front}} {{mantis:ide_simulator:case:v1_bottom.stl|Back}}
 +==== V2 [obsolete: Rev B boards won't fit this enclosure!] ====
 +=== Namco 246/256 ===
 +This version allows the PCB to slide in the side, and is held in place by the IDE cable. It has screwholes that match the ones for the metal bracket that holes the original 5.25" drive in the 246/256 cases.
 +{{mantis:ide_simulator:case:namco2x6.stl|STL file}}
 +=== Generic ===
 +Under construction: 5.25" drive-shaped mount
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