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Known issues

Here's a list of known issues with the current version of the simulator.

  • SD card slot is a little finnicky
    If possible, use USB0. Performance testing has indicated that a USB drive in USB0 has performance exceeding that of the SD slot anyway, so this is the preferred storage port.
  • Device is much lower power than an optical drive
    Certain power supplies may expect a larger load on 5V or 12V lines, and so fail to start up correctly. In this case, you may need to install a load resistor over one or both of the power lines in your machine. Please ensure to use a resistor with a sufficiently large power capacity.
  • The device doesn't currently support multiple IDE devices
    Shouldn't be a problem for arcade games, but may be an issue if you're wanting to plug it into a PC. Hopefully this can be addressed in a future firmware update. As it is it will always simulate a “master” device.
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