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 Welcome to the documentation for the IDE simulator! Welcome to the documentation for the IDE simulator!
 +The IDE simulator can effectively replace CD and DVD-ROM drives in legacy computer hardware such as PCs and arcade PCBs by allowing you to use an SD card or a USB flash drive containing ISO or BIN/CUE files. With no moving parts, less power consumption than an optical drive and a small profile, it can be installed in place within the device enclosures without any impact to performance.
 ===== Features ===== ===== Features =====
 Basic features: Basic features:
 +  * 32-bit Cortex-M3 CPU
 +  * Standard 5V IDE interface, 16-bit parallel with multiword DMA support
 +    * Implements ATAPI specification
   * Multiple storage formats   * Multiple storage formats
     * USB host     * USB host
Line 11: Line 15:
       * USB1: full speed       * USB1: full speed
     * SD card support     * SD card support
-    * All storage supports ​ExFAT for >4GB files+    * All storage supports >4GB files
     * ISO and BIN/CUE formats supported     * ISO and BIN/CUE formats supported
   * ATAPI   * ATAPI
     * Supports SCSI over ATA to implement standard CD and DVD drives     * Supports SCSI over ATA to implement standard CD and DVD drives
   * Audio output   * Audio output
-    * Dedicated audio DAC for audio playback+    * Dedicated audio DAC for audio playback, supporting full 16-bit 44kHz stereo output
 ===== Supported platforms ===== ===== Supported platforms =====
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   * Namco 246 & 256   * Namco 246 & 256
   * FreeDOS   * FreeDOS
 +  * MacOS X, Windows 10 and Linux via USB IDE adapter
 +===== Instructions =====
 +[[startup|Startup behaviour]]\\
 +[[firmware|Firmware upgrades]]\\
 +[[cli|Command line interface]]\\
 +[[known_issues|Known issues]]\\
 +[[legal|Legal info]]\\
 +===== Other info =====
 +[[https://​​CableCreation-Braided-Compatible-Function-Aluminum/​dp/​B01M098EAG/​ref=as_li_ss_tl?​_encoding=UTF8&​pd_rd_i=B01M098EAG&​pd_rd_r=134dc8e6-6022-11e9-a944-2f3383ee933a&​pd_rd_w=kXq1d&​pd_rd_wg=IJqma&​pf_rd_p=90485860-83e9-4fd9-b838-b28a9b7fda30&​pf_rd_r=XXEYD9FDZWRZNJRAFW2P&​psc=1&​refRID=XXEYD9FDZWRZNJRAFW2P&​linkCode=ll1&​tag=micesoftware-20&​linkId=678b2788045a0d74ce482c556d2f3282&​language=en_US|Amazon - USB OTG cable]] - for connecting USB flash drives to the USB ports\\
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