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0000006IDE Simulator[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-06-27 01:21
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Summary0000006: Unable to detect ODE on a 386 DX40
DescriptionI am using a 386 DX40 with MSDOS.
I have hooked up the ODE alone to the IDE controller.
I have tried over 26 different CD-ROM drivers and none detect it.
I have tried a FreeDOS boot disk and it does not detect it.
I have tried the HDAT2 utility and it does not detect it.
I tested booting up to the SB16 CD-ROM controller and I cannot detect it.
I have tested on 3 different IDE controllers with none of them detecting it.
Connecting to the ODE over serial shows it is powered on and working, I have a SDCARD in the slot and I can DIR and view the ISO file.
I can hook up a IDE CD-ROM drive and the IDE controllers detect and install drivers for it.
I can hook up a IDE to SDCARD adapter and the IDE controller detects it and uses it as a normal HD.
Additional InformationI have been looking for a IDE to SD CD-ROM emulator for years that can be used on a retro machine and this is the first I have seen.
Would love to help get this working for old PC DOS computers.
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2020-09-01 18:50

reporter   ~0000036

I have tested on a 486 computer with the same results.
I tested the FreeDOS drivers UIDE.SYS and UDVD.SYS and neither can see the ODE.


2020-09-21 23:59

reporter   ~0000037

If it carries weight to know others are waiting for a solution, I have the same issues.

My experience is strictly with a 486 based machine (Soyo 4SAW2) and MS-DOS 6.22. This board is a later 486 with an integrated IDE controller however it fails to detect the device. I have tried four different ISA based IDE controllers all which discover traditional CD-ROM drives correctly (at port 1f0h) but not this device. I also attempted detection with a Creative Sound Blaster AWE32 (CT3200) without success.

I should note that a later Asus P5A motherboard (Super Socket 7) detected the device correctly with its integrated controller.


2020-09-22 16:58

reporter   ~0000038

He is currently working on this, keeping my fingers crossed.


2020-10-12 15:50

reporter   ~0000039


Are you sure of this? The issue status is still marked as "new" at this time. Do you have an additional dialog with the developer?


2020-10-13 00:51

reporter   ~0000040

He has just barely setup a 386 computer and has been able to reproduce the issue and is now investigating.


2020-11-02 00:51

reporter   ~0000041

Just giving an update,
Looks like he has discovered the cause and is now working on the fix.


2020-11-02 20:36

reporter   ~0000042

Excellent, this will be an important update for retro PC enthusiasts :) I'd like to recommend this device on Vogons should it work well :) Keep us updated!


2021-01-27 18:47

reporter   ~0000045

Hello. Is it possible to share progress on this issue? Perhaps a pending update?

As a side-note, I believe the engineer goes by electric_monk on Vogons. They have contributed screenshots of an upcoming MS-DOS utility for selecting CD images I believe.


2021-06-26 07:12

administrator   ~0000083

Sorry for the delayed reply, can you try the build in issue 0000009? I've refactored a lot to improve PC support (which was surprisingly the hardest platform, due to the roots of the ATAPI specification) and it seems to be much more reliable with any driver on both the 386 and 486 I use for testing.

As I was working that I did postpone work on the DOS tool a little, but I can get back to that now too. It currently works, but it needs ASPI drivers, and only one available one I found works, so I'm going to see if I can do something better.


2021-06-27 01:21

reporter   ~0000084

Thank you Colin. Great to see progress on this. I can confirm that the dos-refactor-fix firmware has been successful in my testing.

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