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Summary0000008: Had some trouble Installing Serial port on Win7x64
DescriptionI had some trouble installing the correct Serial Port driver on Windows 7 x64 to talk to the IDE Simulator.

Its all good now, I used SDI - Snappy Driver to download a compatible driver based on the PID and VID when connecting to USB1 with a micro-USB to USB-A cable to my PC.

I couldn't use Snappy Driver all the way however because the driver refused to install.

I opened up and extracted the NXP from the DP_Misc_19010.7z file and manually installed the device driver from the Device Manager using the Add Legacy Hardware option. Then Have disk option and pointed it at the extracted driver directory.

That present three options:

LPC USB VCom Port Version: 1.0.0 (9/12/2013)
LPC USB VCom Port Version: 2.0.0 (11/21/2014)
LPC-LinkII UCom Port

But it through up a Warning dialog the driver was not signed, do you wish to proceed. I did and it created
> LPC USB VCom Port (COM22)

Putty > Serial > COM22

And hit the neter key and got "unavailable" in text
Typed "help" and got a slew of possible commands.

A typical run through on the Wiki for "First Timers" would be helpful.

(Also) that the board is USB powered and doesn't need a Molex power supply while testing or familarizing.

The NXP chip on top gets really hot, really fast.. so had to put a USB powered router fan aimed at it to keep it cool.

The Lattice chip on the bottom also gets warm, but not as fast.

Really happy to get one, and start Exploring!
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