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0000006IDE Simulator[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-09-01 18:50
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Summary0000006: Unable to detect ODE on a 386 DX40
DescriptionI am using a 386 DX40 with MSDOS.
I have hooked up the ODE alone to the IDE controller.
I have tried over 26 different CD-ROM drivers and none detect it.
I have tried a FreeDOS boot disk and it does not detect it.
I have tried the HDAT2 utility and it does not detect it.
I tested booting up to the SB16 CD-ROM controller and I cannot detect it.
I have tested on 3 different IDE controllers with none of them detecting it.
Connecting to the ODE over serial shows it is powered on and working, I have a SDCARD in the slot and I can DIR and view the ISO file.
I can hook up a IDE CD-ROM drive and the IDE controllers detect and install drivers for it.
I can hook up a IDE to SDCARD adapter and the IDE controller detects it and uses it as a normal HD.
Additional InformationI have been looking for a IDE to SD CD-ROM emulator for years that can be used on a retro machine and this is the first I have seen.
Would love to help get this working for old PC DOS computers.
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2020-09-01 18:50

reporter   ~0000036

I have tested on a 486 computer with the same results.
I tested the FreeDOS drivers UIDE.SYS and UDVD.SYS and neither can see the ODE.

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