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Firmware upgrading


Upgrading the firmware on the device requires use of the command line interface.

* To begin, place the new firmware on an SD card or USB drive, and attach them to the device. * As per the Command Line instructions, connect to the device, and enter the following command, replacing “filename” with the file you copied onto your Flash drive. Include the name of the device, such as sd:/firmware1.fw or usb1:/firmware3.fw:

flash upgrade (filename)

* Firmware upgrade progress will be displayed on the screen. When complete, if successful, enter the following command:

flash reboot

* The device should now be using the new firmware.

Flash functionality

The device supports two separate firmware banks, and whenever you upgrade, the previous version will still be available. You can inspect the contents of Flash using the following command:

firmware status

If you'd like to try the previous version, or restore to the newest version after doing so, use the following command:

firmware boot (desired bank)
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