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0000001IDE Simulator[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-05-16 03:40
ReportermathewbeallAssigned Tocolin 
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Summary0000001: won't boot into game - Namco 256
DescriptionI put an .iso image of the game in the root directly of a Samsung 64GB sd card - I took this iso image directly from the dvd that I just validated works in the same machine. The game is Tekken 5.1 - the game starts to boot, goes to the Japan copyright page, and then after that, just a black screen.

I also tried Soul Calibur 2 - same behaviour.

One odd thing - with Tekken - the "loading" periods are yellow - but when I hooked up the IDE Simulator card - the dots were green?
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2019-05-02 03:42

reporter   ~0000001

I have gotten it work a few times - but no idea what is causing it to work sometimes, and not others.... I also tested with Soul CaLIbur 3 and noticed the same behaviour - when the loading screen fires up - if the dots after the few white ones are green, it will hang after the Japan screen - but if they are yellow, it will work.


2019-05-02 04:32

reporter   ~0000002

one other comment - after doing a bit of troubleshooting - it almost seems like the card isn't always making solid connections with the sd slot. if I insert and reinsert the card - I can usually get it working after 10 or so tries... and after its working - it will continue to work on reboot - unless I remove the SD card....


2019-05-02 05:03

administrator   ~0000003

It sounds like you may be experiencing the pickiness of the SD slot - you need to get it in 'just right' or it works intermittently or not at all. Sadly, I didn't figure out how bad the connector was until after the production run, but it's generally no problem to get it in right with a few attempts. I recommend using USB0 with a flash drive if you want it to just work 100% of the time, though!


2019-05-02 05:05

reporter   ~0000004

Ahhhh ok - I will give that a shot!

So far - (after it boots) - it's kicking ass... :) Amazing job!


2019-05-02 07:39

administrator   ~0000005

I'll keep this open for a few days to confirm it's just the SD slot being finnicky, but hopefully you're good to go :)


2019-05-16 03:40

administrator   ~0000006

Seems like this one is sorted! Other than changing the SD slot on a future revision of the board, of course.

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