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0000013IDE Simulator[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-10-05 04:46
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Summary0000013: Option to sort folder and files by name
DescriptionI'm using the companion LCD control interface to browse and select images, the major benefit being able to store hundreds of cd images on a USB drive.

The default sorting mechanism for browsing files and folder is not intuitive using the control interface. It appears files are sorted by date added descending (oldest files first?).

It would be much easier to browse by name (ascending).

Additionally, it might be better to be able to set the default sorting scheme in the config (using "interface set" or the like)

Additional InformationTo make browsing easier for hundreds of images, I have parent folders with alphabetic labeling:


With the default sorting, this scheme isn't very helpful as in my case, they appear on the LCD display as:


I also have a few images BIN/CUE images with 60+ tracks. The default sorting requires that I select past all 60+ BIN files before selecting the CUE file. It would be helpful to rename the CUE file to appear at the top.
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2021-10-05 04:46

administrator   ~0000100

This is definitely a good idea, the reason I didn't do it already is that the naive implementation is to load the entire directory into RAM, sort it, and then display that, and I was concerned huge directories may need too much memory.

That being said, I can imagine some potential algorithms to reduce the memory usage but still support it, so hopefully i can add it soon.

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