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0000017IDE Simulator[All Projects] Generalpublic2022-02-19 21:57
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Platformx86OSWin 10OS Version64 bit
Summary0000017: Cannot update firmware IDE SIMULATOR Rev B2 "error reading from serial device"
DescriptionHi Colin, I'm here asking for your help cause I 've got an error while updating firmware 2021-12-23.fw on your IDE SIMULATOR rev b2 card via SD using PUTTY as software thru com3 port.
Given the line input flash upgrade sd:/2021-12-23.fw and upgraded the new firmware then given the line flash reboot a message appear "error reading from serial device". I'm a doing something wrong? Please Help me
Steps To Reproduceload firmware on formatted sd (8gb class 4)
connect the ide simulator (rev b2) to an usb3
open PUTTY software then go under "category" session "connection type" serial "serial line" com3 speed 9600 then open
On the terminal insert line flash upgrade sd:/2021-12-23.fw wait till the end
then digit flash reboot


2022-02-19 17:29


error reading from sd.png (100,129 bytes)
error reading from sd.png (100,129 bytes)


2022-02-19 18:28

administrator   ~0000115

Based on the screenshot, it looks like the firmware update was successful - after you run 'flash reboot' and the simulator restarts, the USB connection will end because the USB interface also resets. Once the reset is complete the serial port will have come back, but in the meantime Windows will see it disappear and reappear, causing that error message.

You can reconnect and run 'flash status' to confirm a newer version is now running.

2022-02-19 21:57

reporter   ~0000116

Many thanks for the prompt reply
Is it running ? Done ?
I 've got this message (see attached)
Have nice week end

new firmware 0.322R.png (11,360 bytes)
new firmware 0.322R.png (11,360 bytes)

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