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0000019IDE Simulator[All Projects] Generalpublic2022-12-08 20:58
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Summary0000019: Panasonic FZ35S Interactive Media Player hangs during boot.
DescriptionDuring initialisation of the boot process, communication over the IDE interface seems to be halted. An unknown packed was detected (see screenshot). The FZ35S is a legacy device with a DVD-ROM SR-8586-B.
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2022-12-04 00:56


bugreport.JPG (105,407 bytes)
bugreport.JPG (105,407 bytes)


2022-12-07 04:02

administrator   ~0000121

Ah, it looks like the unknown packet (0xAD) is "READ DISC STRUCTURE", part of the disk burning set of commands. I've not yet finished adding those so it's not included in the public build, but maybe the device is looking for that but it doesn't make much sense since SR-8586-B is not a burner.


2022-12-08 20:58

reporter   ~0000122

I guess the packet is abused by the DVD-ROM bios and the media player bios to signal the 'proper' DVD unit is connected. I have no idea what response the media player expects from the DVD-ROM to be considered a valid device. Monitoring the IDE interface at the hardware level is probably the only solution?
Btw. this media player will boot from cd-rom and dvd-rom discs.

 I will include a clean monitor log from turning the media player on, to the point it keeps repeating "TEST UNIT READY".

bugreport2.JPG (109,890 bytes)
bugreport2.JPG (109,890 bytes)

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